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Why do we do it? The Bradleys

Why do we do it? The Bradleys are passionate about people and their stories. Both of us, Mr. B and Gaylita, are of Midlands heritage and the diversity of local music is at the very heart of what we do.

Our popular radio show ‘Brunch With The Bradleys’, goes out live every sunday from Kenilworth’s fabulous internet radio station Radio Abbey. We are listened to in over 38 countries! We love to give local musicians a live platform, and this has been one of the most rewarding aspects of the show. We have so much fun and we are really well respected. Although we have a ton of fun, we showcase local arts and culture and even politics. Only this winter we were on the lawn of Jubilee House interviewing Jeremy Wright QC MP.

‘Brunch with the Bradleys’ is a much loved local music, chat and community radio show, based around #KenilworthsMostFamousCouple’. We chat about art, culture, music and community. This is at the heart of Brand Bradley. The radio show has been a platform for us to move into areas such as presenting, hosting, performing and broadcasting to a much wider audience.

So how did we get here? The real Mr Bradley had a mild brush with pop stardom in the 80s as a singer, writer and performer. Moving back to the Midlands 4 years ago re-ignited his musical passion. He collaborated with Field of Dreams (D:Ream) with Nothing is Perfect, which was remixed by the legend Andy Weatherall. This was followed up with ‘Yellow Bird Absurd’ which he was proud to be included in the seminal Alternative sounds III CD. A short stint at the Coventry Music Museum allowed Mr. B to get his feet back under the table of the local music scene in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Lockdown has been a double edged sword. Many arts projects have been shelved for us and we’ve lost out on lots of funding. However, circumstances have forced us to move into internet broadcasting and opened up brand new audiences and to make us even more local.

Our live VE day show premiered on our YouTube channel-Life with the Bradleys, and recent interviews with the new Mayor and even this very morning with our M.P. puts us in a unique position of influence within the town of Kenilworth. As many of us have experienced; lockdown has forced us to learn new skills, such as outside broadcasting and film editing, which has allowed us to take more control of our social media in ways we never imagined possible before lockdown.

Through our efforts and successes at Radio Abbey, we have developed a fabulous working relation with Warwick district council arts and we are collaborating very closely with the City of Culture 2021 team. We now have an agent 20:20 Artist and Event management, and we have also been in the studio with Studio Reevo who have produced a TV pilot show, airing very soon.

Musically we are known for our wildly eclectic taste. Mr B has lived a life in music and has a massively broad and deep knowledge of all music since the mid 60s up to this week. An atypical show might include Steel Pulse, PIL, The odd house track (Gaylita’s Balearic background), funk. perhap a bit of Miles Davis, and always feature local music; the Trees, or say the fabulous Junior NRB. Currently Mr. B is addicted to ‘Brum Town Baby’ from Birmingham rapper R.K, which could be mashed up with Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, followed by our beloved ELO. Big up for the New Sound of Coventry; Rooted n Booted. We’ve worked with Junior G many times. He’s been on the show.

So what do the Bradleys have planned for when lockdown is lifted? Watch this space! Mixed bag? Yeah. Meet the Bradleys

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